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Investing money is typically seen as a long-term idea, but there are several ways you can invest to see returns every day. Both traditional and new ways of investing can make money for you daily. Neither will allow you to start investing one day and start making a lot of money the next. In either case, the important part is to start investing in the first place.

Invest Now To Make Money Later

Investing your money typically means investing your money now, making money later. With enough investing now, you can easily start to see daily returns in the future.

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Investing in the Stock Market

It’s not sexy, and it won’t make you rich overnight, but if you have money to invest, putting it in the stock market is still the most tried and true way to grow your money.

No matter your investing strategy and whatever direction the market is headed, making daily investments will absolutely make you money down the road. It’s true that investments in the stock market won’t rise in value every day. Still, you can definitely invest daily to see future returns.


Another strategy to start making money every day is to invest in stocks and funds that will pay you dividends. Dividends are typically paid out quarterly, but many mutual funds will pay dividends out monthly as well.

Making daily investments into different stocks and funds that pay dividends at different intervals and dates will grow your portfolio. With enough diversity, you’ll start to see dividend payouts more often than not.

Invest in a Side Hustle or Business

Investing in a side hustle or your own business is a great way to make a daily return. With the right side hustle, you can see daily profits. You might take online surveys, drive for uber, or sell your services online. With these and many other side hustles, investing your time and effort daily will immediately pay off.

Investing in a business is more similar to investing in the stock market. Growing a business takes time, but if you invest yourself into it daily, you’ll reap the rewards that much sooner.

Like investing in anything, the hardest and most crucial step is to get started. Start investing your time, effort, and money into a business now, and you’ll start seeing daily returns in the future.

How To Make Money Every Day

For as great as the stock market is, it can be challenging to get to the point where you see daily returns. If you want to make daily investments to see the returns on right away, you have a few options.

Start Day Trading

Day trading is not for the faint of heart or for those who are beginner investors. Day trading is buying and selling different stocks, mutual funds, andor ETFs every day, sometimes holding them for only a matter of hours or even minutes, at least for stocks. Some day traders make hundreds of trades a day, taking advantage of even the smallest change in market price per share of stock.

You’ll need to be ready to make tough decisions every day based on the market conditions, which can be very unpredictable. There are also advanced options like short selling and using options to try and make profits every day. Day trading is not easy.

Before attempting to do so, do enough research on best practices to ensure you have all the knowledge you need to make intelligent decisions.

Open a High Yield Savings or Money Market Account

Far less stressful than day trading, opening a high yield savings or money market account is an easy and stress-free way to make money.

They have some differences, but what both have in common is having a high interest rate when compared to your regular savings account. You won’t see nearly the amount of money you could with any investing, but this is again a long-term game.

HYSAs and MMAs are compounded daily, so you will see profits every day from it. Set up an automatic contribution to it, and that daily interest will start to add up quickly.

Certificates of Deposit

Similar to the HYSA, by taking out a CD with a bank, you can begin to gain interest daily. Rates will vary depending on the length of the CD as well. The drawback to CDs is that your money is locked up with the bank, and if rates go up, you’re locked into your initial interest rate.

What you can do, though, is open several CDs with different lengths. You’ll be gaining daily interest on each of them, and by keeping some with shorter durations of only a few months, you’ll continuously have cash freeing up. If you need it, use it; otherwise, you can start the process over again with another short-term CD.

Use p2p Lending

Although I would consider it a riskier investment, peer-to-peer lending might be the quickest way to see daily returns on your investment. With peer-to-peer lending, you can buy notes that typically represent about $25 worth of debt the borrower now owes you.

The payment date on notes is different depending on a few factors. By finding loans that are close to being fully funded every day, you can quickly create a portfolio of loans that will need to be paid back on different dates.

With enough notes, you’ll be able to create a portfolio where something is being paid back to you almost every day of the month. You can then use the money being paid to you to reinvest and buy more notes, making your daily returns even better.

Buy Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is also a very risky investment. The value of any coin can be highly volatile. Gains or losses of 10-20% on any given day happen quite often. Coins can see massive swings over a few hours. As with any investment, there is no guarantee that the price of a coin you’ve invested in will rise.

There are, however, certain coins that are Proof of Stake. Without going into the details, all you need to know is that by owning these coins and “staking” them (which sites like Coinbase will do automatically), you will gain more of those coins.

Essentially you’re earning interest. With some coins, you’ll earn “interest” in as little as three days. Buying a few different proofs of stake coins will allow you to receive your rewards on almost a daily basis.

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When investing, most of us will see returns over the long term. Guaranteed daily gains are difficult and risky at best to come by. If you want my investment advice, I still think the best way to invest is by sticking to the long-term investment strategy.

If your investment objective is to make daily profits, some options would allow investors to see investment returns daily, but you’ll need more of a risk tolerance for most. As always, make sure you have a diversified portfolio and only invest money that you can afford to lose.


Your Guide To Making Money Everyday » Savoteur

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