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Perhaps you want to invest in some crowdfunding platforms, but you haven’t found the right one yet.

Mainvest may be the first one you should try!

It’s a great investment platform for people to start investing in small businesses, even with limited funds or little experience with stocks and bonds.

Our Mainvest review will give you the information you need to decide whether or not Mainvest is the right option for your investments.

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Mainvest Overview

Every day new businesses are popping up in the United States. They need financial support to make their dreams into reality!

Mainvest’s services connect investors with local businesses to get the money flowing. You can invest in restaurants, breweries, bakeries, and more!

They make it easy for investors to diversify their portfolios by investing in young companies at the seed stage.

Mainvest is a wonderful platform to begin investing for low costs, and without much prior experience- $100 is all you need to get started with no fees or hidden costs.

And to give you investors some security, there are limited a limited amount of small businesses to invest in at any given time on the Mainvest platform.

Each company that applies to Mainvest is vetted. According to Mainvest, only 5% actually pass the vetting process.

Click here to open up your Mainvest account now.

How Mainvest Worksmainvest review

Small local businesses and start-up businesses apply with Mainvest to be listed on their site. Mainvest then vets and lists the businesses that pass their vetting process on their website.

Mainvest lists details about the business for investors, plus the amount of money that they are looking to raise and how much revenue the company currently makes.

After investors review this information, they can choose to invest in one or more small businesses by buying revenue-sharing notes.

The business agrees to pay you a percentage of its revenue each quarter until you reach a certain investment multiple.

The business also agrees to pay you the entire investment back by a specific date, so you have a specific timeframe to get your money and will know how long you’ll be waiting.

Minimum investment

The minimum investment with Mainvest is $100, and it’s open to both accredited and non-accredited investors.

Investment Types

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Mainvest offers debt investments or equity investments in small brick-and-mortar businesses.

When you invest, you receive a revenue-sharing note that will pay you for your investment each quarter until it is paid back.

The company agrees to repay your entire original investment by a certain date regardless of their revenue.

Some Brick And Mortar Businesses

These small brick-and-mortar businesses include restaurants, breweries, beauty salons, and food trucks.

They are also expanding into opportunities that are cannabis-related. This includes the cultivation of cannabis and cannabis-related stores.

Regulation CF makes it possible for these investments to be open to anyone.

Mainvest Fees

Mainvest does not charge investors any fees.

Instead, they charge a 6% fee to small businesses for any money they raise through the platform.

Pros and Cons

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So what do you think of Mainvest so far?

There are a lot of great things about the program, but we have to play devil’s advocate and bring up the disadvantages too!

Here are the pros and cons of using Mainvest to invest in small businesses:


  • Low minimum investment (only $100 is needed to start investing)
  • Investing in local small businesses can be profitable- and helps make more local jobs!
  • Open to non-accredited investors
  • No fees


  • Short track record of only 3 years
  • There is no secondary market for you to resell your revenue-sharing notes (your investment)
  • It can be risky to invest in a start-up or small business
  • If the small business defaults, Mainvest is not responsible, and investors lose their money
  • Small business is also a long-term investment option, with payments spread out by quarters

FAQs On Mainvest

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Is Mainvest a legit platform to invest in local businesses?

Yes, they are registered with the SEC as a Title III Funding Portal, which is a stringent regulation crowdfunding platforms must follow and also make certain SEC filings in order to stay in good standing with them.

Is my money safe on Mainvest?

While their website uses encryption and their money transfers are done through Plaid, your funds are not insured by the FDIC or SIPC.

There is a degree of risk involved with any investments you make. This is a higher-risk investment compared to a more stable investment like a CD.

How much can I invest?

Each business can choose the minimum amount to invest, which is usually $100.

However, there are maximum limits on what a non-accredited investor is able to invest.

Even though Mainvest is open to non-accredited investors, the most a non-accredited investor can invest per the SEC is:

  • The greater of $2,200 or 5% of the investor’s annual income or net worth, if either are less than $107,000
  • 10% of the greater of the investor’s annual income or net worth, not to exceed an amount sold of $107,000 if both are equal to or more than $107,000.

There are no limits on how much you can invest if you are an accredited investor.

How much can I earn in return?

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Mainvest uses multiples in their quotes. They quote an investment multiple, ie, 1.3x, 1.4x, 1.5x, etc.

Each business has a different multiple. The amount you can earn depends on the business you choose.

What this means is that if you invest the minimum amount of $100 and the multiple is 1.5x, you can expect to get a return of $150 by the investment maturity date.

How do I get started?

There are several steps to getting started with Mainvest.

First, you need to be at least 18 years of age and have a US bank account.

Next, follow our link to get signed up. You can use your email address or your Google account.

Then, fill in your relevant information, which includes your banking information.

It takes about 5 to 10 minutes to open your account, depending on whether you’ve gathered the needed information, such as your bank account information.

Can I get my money back from Mainvest?

Per Mainvest’s website, “You can cancel your investment at any time until 48 hours before the offering deadline established by the business.”

In terms of getting your investment money back, it is a long-term investment with payments spread out over several years.

According to the Mainvest website, there is no secondary market for an investor to resell their revenue-sharing notes, which means you cannot sell your investments to get your money back quickly.

What opportunities are there on Mainvest for me to invest in?

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At the time of this writing, a search of their website showed there were investment opportunities in several restaurants, breweries, pizzerias, cannabis-related businesses, bakeries, coffee shops, and a botanic kitchen.

What is a debt investment?

When researching how to invest in small businesses, you might find debt investments a bit confusing.

If anything, we’ve been conditioned to be afraid of debt- and for good reason!

But in this case, investors aren’t shouldering debt to invest or anything.

Debt investments are simply another name for the money an investor is lending to a business.

Businesses are essentially using investing as a way to kickstart money, but by paying the money back to you instead of giving you stuff after they launch.

Should You Use Mainvest?

Even though they have a limited track record, generally, Mainvest should be considered if you have the extra money available to invest.

You could actually make money by funding one of the brick/mortar businesses, especially with no fee and such a low investment minimum.

Other Investment Platforms

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Maybe a local brick/mortar business is not what you are looking for as an investor.

There are many beneficial investments you can make to turn $1,000 into passive income.


Did you know that you can invest in real estate with Fundrise?

Rental properties and house sales are a great way to earn some capital.

You can start investing for only $10, meaning you don’t need to be rich to invest in real estate.

Check out more in our Fundrise Review.


robinhood was the first investment platform I joined, and it changed my life!

Robinhood is best for new beginners to invest in the stock market.

It’s an easy platform, and they have helpful educational information to help you get involved in investments quickly.

It’s a hands-on platform where you research the stocks and crypto you want to invest in.

You also can start with free stock! Read our Robinhood Review to learn more.


Or maybe you think there are no investment opportunities in US farming?

FarmTogether is a great way to diversify your portfolio and help America’s farmers at the same time.

If you want to invest in farms, read our FarmTogether Review for more info!

Key Takeaways

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Here’s a recap of our Mainvest review.

Mainvest is a great way to help local businesses get started and hopefully make money passivelyand there are many options when it comes to crowdfunding investments too!

There are no fees involved, and there are low minimum investments that you can make, which is $100.

Mainvest is open to non-accredited investors as well as accredited investors, which makes investing easier for those who do not have a lot of personal funds to invest.

This is a higher-risk investment since some local businesses will struggle more than others, and you can’t always predict what businesses will make money in the long-run.

If you plan on using Mainvest as your only investment platform, you may want to consider diversifying your portfolio by investing in multiple businesses.

Head here to open up a Mainvest account now and start investing in local small businesses.

Earn Passive Income




Invest In Local Businesses (High ROI)

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