Mining Cryptocurrency – Is It Profitable in 2023? » Savor

Mining cryptocurrency has its similarities and differences with mining for gold. It might be the new age equivalent of being a gold miner, but a crypto mine looks much different than a gold mine. There is a whole emerging industry dedicated to mining cryptocurrency. Why is that, what is crypto mining, and how do you […]

Live Free or Even Make Money on Your Biggest Expense

What if you could make your rent or mortgage payment go away? Or, what if instead of paying that expense every month, your living situation actually paid you? It’s not as far-fetched as it may sound. In fact, that’s exactly what today’s guest, Craig Curelop, has done by intentionally “house hacking” over the past few […]

How quickly do bonds and equities bounce back after a bad year?

Sserious capital losses can reduce our appetite for risk, just as surely as a night clutching the toilet bowl will put you off eating raw oysters for life. But our psychological hard wiring presents us with a dilemma. Foul, nausea-inducing returns now and then come with the territory in financial markets. And we know these […]

5 of the Best Ways To Start » Savor

World-wide threats from global warming, the COVID pandemic, and social inequality call for change. However, the conversation extends beyond recycling, clean air, and electric cars. People from all backgrounds work to make the world a better place. The priority shift has led investors to evaluate their portfolios. The desire to outperform the market while making […]

9 of the Best International ETFs for Diversification (2023)

Diversification is essential for an investment portfolio, and international exchange-traded funds (ETFs) provide a simple way to add geographic diversification. International stocks aren’t perfectly correlated to US stocks. It’s impossible to predict when stocks from different countries will rise or fall, so geographic diversification is essential. In this article, we’ll cover some of the best […]

$15ka Month in Passive Cash Flow

$15,000 a month for 30 minutes of work? The passive income dream is real for Dustin Heiner. Dustin achieved this by following a systematic approach to buying homes and renting them out. He started with his first property back in 2006. Within 6 years he had 19 properties, and within 9 years he had 26 […]

UK dividend tax explained – Monevator

ATother change as of the 2023 tax year for UK dividend tax. This time investors are being clobbered with a further reduction in the already miserly tax-free dividend allowance. What are dividends? Dividends are cash payouts made by companies: You may be paid dividends by shares you own that are listed on the stock market. […]

Invest In Local Businesses (High ROI)

This article may contain links from our partners. Please read how we make money for more info. Perhaps you want to invest in some crowdfunding platforms, but you haven’t found the right one yet. Mainvest may be the first one you should try! It’s a great investment platform for people to start investing in small […]

Dough Review – Is This Smart Bank Account for You?

These days, it’s like you can’t turn around without bumping into a free checking account. Dozens of reputable online banks offer free checking, as do hundreds if not thousands of brick-and-mortar traditional banks. Many throw in free high-yield savings accounts for good measure too. That’s all well and good, but many consumers demand more. Only […]

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