Historical asset class returns (UK)

Hera’s some handy data on historical asset class returns for the UK. The chart below shows UK asset class returns – with income reinvested – since 1870: Data in this article from JST Macrohistory, FTSE Russelland JP Morgan Asset ManagementApril 2023 As you can see, over the long-term equities (shares) have done much better than […]

The Warren Buffett hedge fund that wasn’t

There are many things that make Warren Buffett remarkable, as you’ll know if you’ve read his biography The Snowball. There’s his appetite for junk food, and how his first wife chose his second. There’s his longevity – Buffett is still happily working at 92. And there’s the fact that there’s no Warren Buffett Hedge Fund. […]

How to think about Junior SIPP asset allocation

Monevator reader James has a question about Junior SIPP asset allocation as follows: In the good times I opened SIPPs for my children and I followed my standard policy of buying Vanguard Lifestrategy 60/40. However, buying an investment to hold for 50 years or more is obviously very different from buying one for my elderly […]

Are US Treasuries better than gilts for UK investors?

Orthodox investing advice has always been that UK investors should hold either gilts or high-quality global government bonds hedged to UK pounds (GBP) for the main part of their defensive asset allocation. I’ve long subscribed to that advice myself. Highly-rated government bonds provide the defensive ballast for your investing strategy. Sticking with your local currency […]

A cheap portfolio of cheap assets

While nothing is always true in investing, it’s generally the case that buying cheap assets gives you a better prospect of higher future returns. With bonds the relationship is clear. Lower bond prices mean higher yields – and your starting yield with a bond is an excellent indicator of the return you’ll ultimately receive. With […]

The Best S&P 500 ETFs (2023)

Over the long term, it’s very difficult to pick individual stocks that will outperform the overall stock market. The S&P 500 index is considered one of the most significant benchmarks of the US stock market, and several exchange-traded funds (ETFs) track and attempt to replicate the performance of the S&P 500. S&P 500 ETFs are […]

The UK’s biggest bond market crash

There’s a skeleton lurking in the UK’s financial closet. It’s the ghostly remains of a terrible bear market – one that makes Japan’s 31-year stock stagnation look like a temporary blip. This multi-decade decline was the UK’s ugliest bond market crash (and we’ve had a few). It took 40 years to reach rock bottom. Losses […]

From Zero to $10,000 a Month on the Side

Roberto Chavez started his raw land flipping side hustle a little over a year ago, and with persistence, has already built it into 5-figures of monthly revenue. This is a business model that was first introduced to me by Mark Podolsky, from TheLandGeek.comin episode 108 of The Side Hustle Show. He called it “the best […]

Is Real Estate Your Next Income Stream? Rental Property Q&A

Buy a house. Rent it out. Tenants pay it off for you. It’s possibly one of the oldest side hustles in the books, right? Done right, owning rental properties can be an attractive long-term income and wealth-building strategy. But done wrong, it can be a recipe for headaches and a mountain of debt. It’s a […]

Vanguard Digital Advisor & Personal Advisor Services

Iaunched in 1975 by the legendary John Bogle, Vanguard, is best known for its low-cost mutual funds. The company is the largest provider of mutual funds in the world, and the second largest provider of exchange traded funds (ETFs). As one of the largest investment services in the world, Vanguard has over 30 million investors […]

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